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Lower Mainland, BC.

Can Do!


New construction occasionally provides challenges when it comes to proper sign support and weatherproofing.


The Pacific Northwest provides its fair share of precipitation and the local building construction often reflects that in it's building envelope system. Tops Lighting understands the significance of maintaining the integrity of a buildings envelope.

Many times these new building envelopes do not provide any structure for the engineered signage mounting requirements. This is where Tops Lighting sets itself apart from the competition.

Tops Lightings' Survey, Design, Engineering and Fabrication abilities recently conquered just such a challenge.

Another installation company had approached Tops Lighting about a Sign Installation. They were having issues with sign support for fascia and projecting signage.

The Tops Team, working with glaziers, added fins to window mullions for the fascia signs and welded in place a steel mounting structure for the projecting sign thru a 7ft parapet wall with no structure.

The results were worth all the effort!

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